DevLogs #1

Final result

How I`ve implemented smooth scrolling on my website

The story

The second day of working on my personal website started (actually it’s 7 PM but a true n̶o̶l̶i̶f̶e̶r̶ developer starts coding right at this time).

How to NPM power

One of the most beautiful parts of learning React & Typescript is the possibility to use npm.

  1. You have a problem/idea
  2. You want to solve/implement it
  3. You go to npm, write keywords
  4. You find that someone has already implemented it and have thousands of downloads per week


I`ve found components for the “React”.

Let me be a gentleman and place found components here for you (I know you won’t go & google it on your own, my little lazy friend):

Implemented code changes + made a refactoring:

const CreateLink = (text: string, id: string) => <LinkclassName=”pl-3"activeClass=”active”to={`${id}`}spy={true}smooth={true}hashSpy={true}offset={0}duration={500}isDynamic={true}ignoreCancelEvents={false}> {text} </Link>;



Now I have a smooth scrolling effect, noice

It’s only the first step in a long trip of great UX, but I`m already happy with the very first result.

Don’t forget to be awesome ;)



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